that U.S. presidential candidates were asked in 2016

How would you answer the questions?

How would your class answer the questions?

How would you like your elected officials to answer the questions?

The questions are about the following themes. My answers to the 20 questions are available on this site, each on a single page for ease of reading. The first ten answers can be clicked to from the subtitles filed under the 20 Science Questions tab and the second ten answers can be clicked to from subtitles filed under the 20 Questions Continued tab or from the following list:

  1. Innovation                             Innovation
  2. Research & Development    Research & Development
  3. Climate Change                    Climate Change
  4. Biodiversity                           Biodiversity
  5. ​Cybersecurity                       Cybersecurity
  6. Mental Health                      Mental Health
  7. Energy Policy                        Energy Policy
  8. Education Policy                  Education Policy
  9. Public Health                       Public Health
  10. Water                                   Water
  11. Nuclear Power                    Nuclear Power
  12. Food                                     Food
  13. Global Challenges               Global Challenges
  14. Business Regulations          Business Regulations
  15. Vaccination Safety              Vaccination Safety
  16. Space                                  Space
  17. Opioid Epidemic                 Opioid Epidemic
  18. Ocean Health                     Ocean Health
  19. Immigration                        Immigration
  20. Scientific Research             Scientific Research

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Shawn Otto, a member of a science oriented non-profit organization,, has written twenty questions, regarding scientific topics which are likely to affect our nation’s future, with the hope that the four main Presidential candidates would respond with answers regarding how their administration might respond to the issues if elected, as few scientific topics were discussed in the debates.

20 Science Questions