20 Science Questions

that U.S. presidential candidates were asked in 2016

Together we are stronger, more skilled, more prepared for the future. Renewable technology exists; we just have to choose, as a nation,  to build it and buy it, instead of continuing to invest in fossil fuel technology.

  • Family first. 
  • Protect the environment as it supports families and businesses.
  • Justice should prevail equally for all.
  • Helping others helps oneself. 
  • Honesty is a virtue & truth matters. 
  • Humility is a gift that heals by reducing stress levels.
  • Teamwork helps the whole team. 

About Jennifer,

a nutrition counselor,  

Born in Michigan and raised by parents who valued protecting the environment and our nation's largest supply of fresh water, Jennifer learned early in life how hard work and teamwork can bring about great changes. She graduated at the top of her high school class and graduated with honors in Clinical and Administrative Dietetics. Teamwork played a role in Track & Field and Drama Club during high school and in Crew Club during her time in college. A merit based scholarship and part time jobs helped fund her college education.

After graduation she furthered her professional education with an internship in dietetics. She then spent a year helping friends start a gourmet bakery and restaurant. She briefly worked as a  consultant dietitian in a hospital and nursing home setting and then spent fifteen years working with young families as a WIC Coordinator and nutrition counselor for the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. She is proud to have been able to help improve the lives of many families and even to help save the lives of a few infants who needed someone willing to listen to their parents and to speak up for them when their medical team either wasn't listening or wasn't believing their parent's story. Advocating for a patient's right to make informed medical decisions can be a challenge when faced with a stressful diagnosis and unfamiliar medical jargon.

Today in our local, state, and federal government we all need:

     Voices for health. Voices that listen. Voices that share your concerns. And voices that care.

     Will you be one of those voices?

That's an important question and how to become a more active voice is also an important question. Running as a candidate should be a decision to consider carefully and to include thought of family and one's background.
     On the Democracy? page I said that I was an un-electable candidate. The most obvious reason is that I ran as an Independent candidate and my lack of political experience also wouldn't help a typical candidate get elected. Having some government job experience is helpful but there's also a lack of business experience in my background. I'm an idealist however and was running to provide a voice with ideas from a different perspective, that of health and maternity.      

     Our future needs business but business also needs fertility and our people and our land and crops are becoming less healthy.

     The more people working towards solutions the more likely solutions will be found. 


My Values