20 Science Questions

that U.S. presidential candidates were asked in 2016

Education - the right to fail is as important as the right to try.


Our children are our future taxpayers and future caregivers and workers and leaders. An education system that values and fosters each child's individual potential also is helping support their ability to identify their own strengths and can help guide them towards a future path that suits their natural abilities.

     Federal policies based on standardized testing and penalizing teachers for their students failure does not support the student or teacher's natural motivation or creativity. Such policies may also be driving some teachers and school administrations to encourage less skilled children and teenagers to drop out of school.

     Fewer failing students enrolled in a school means fewer penalties for the school or for the teacher, however a child was left behind instead of receiving help to reach whatever level their natural abilities might allow. Not all children are equally equipped to be lawyers or NBA basketball players or teachers or pastry chefs or grocery store attendants. Children should be encouraged to achieve their own best rather than being expected to all be able to reach some standardized level of achievement.

Individual goals for improving our Education system and access to programs in STEM areas of education include:

  1. Repeal or rewrite the No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top policies to create a public education system that promotes helping the child to maximize their own potential – whatever it is.
  2. Work on developing programs that include a simpler "Life Skills" based curriculum for students whose natural abilities leave them struggling to pass the current standardized tests.  
  3. Require all under graduate education providers to teach evolution and a science based curriculum.
  4. Reduce college tuition loan rates and work towards restoring public education subsidies for in-state college tuition.

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My Presidential Platform is a plan to turn the "E," that the U.S. earned for the Health and Wellness category of the international Social Progress Index, from a failing grade "E," into an "E" for excellence. 

  • Social Progress Index, see: 


Platform categories:

  1. Effective Health Care.
  2. Economy & more Green Jobs.
  3. Environment & more Green Jobs.
  4. End the War on Peace
  5. End Citizens United.
  6. Education.