20 Science Questions

that U.S. presidential candidates were asked in 2016

Post Election Addition: Congratulations to all who survived the campaign season with their sanity intact. Politics is not easy and government isn't either. Government isn't a business either. While I don't have previous experience in politics I do have many years experience working on behalf of the US citizens for a government agency with equal opportunity for any participants who qualified. Government is for the benefit of all, and for the benefit of those living in the present and for those yet to be born in the future. Government is about the longterm survival of the group not just the survival of a political party's control over the next four or eight years. 

My candidacy was never realistic within the current system because it supports the two primary parties but I felt strongly that health of our citizens and our environment were important enough to work towards protecting. 

My work on preventing autism prenatally is in early stages for sharing with individuals but healthy prenatal care is a reasonable goal anyway. The nation of Brazil does not provide a food guide for it's citizens but it does offer ten steps for healthy eating: http://www.fao.org/nutrition/education/food-based-dietary-guidelines/regions/countries/brazil/en/ It's fairly revolutionary in its simplicity and support of social dining and mindfulness when eating. 

I will work on making my research on the prevention and/or management of autism and autoimmune disease more user friendly -- and initially I should focus on writing and publishing for academic readers as they are the ones who eventually write care plans for individual patients or who design new experiments for further research.

Research into Alzheimer's Disease treatments has once again found lifestyle changes to be more effective than a trial drug for delaying onset of dementia: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/lifestyle-tops-drugs-again-in-delaying-dementia/article33074841/

Taking care of ourselves is an individual duty, how we choose to take care of ourselves is a civil right -- our right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Protecting that right is also a duty for citizens of a free nation. Thanks to everyone who participated in our government by voting down ballot - it is important every two years to get out to vote, not just during Presidential elections. All of our elected officials are important because the United States is not a dictatorship. Let's all work together on keeping this nation and it's environment and citizens healthy and functional for the next century or two or three not just the next four to eight years.



As a write-in candidate, it is necessary to file for ballot access in most states in order for a vote to be counted. And I haven't done that because my candidacy is not realistic. I'm unqualified and do not have support of an experienced team. I have always thought of the Presidential election season as a time for candidates to present platforms that they consider important for the benefit of the nation -- that is the reason that I got involved in Presidential politics.

Chronic illness and obesity epidemics in our nation are related to nutrient deficiencies and toxins, that in combination, can lead to disease or obesity, particularly in a person with certain genetic defects or differences from average health. The cannabinoid receptor system is essential in every cell of the body and known genetic defects can negatively impact a person's ability to make cannabinoids internally as is normal within average health. An external source of cannabinoids is then necessary for the person throughout their lifespan.

Medical marijuana is the most concentrated source of cannabinoids but some forms of the group of phospholipids can also be found in cocoa beans, rosemary, nutmeg, and a few other foods. Only THC is euphoric, the rest of the family of cannabinoids also can have healing properties without causing euphoria. Cannabis needs to be rescheduled as a medical herb in order to allow the medical research to be performed that will be necessary to be able to help more patients achieve health through restored function of the cannabinoid receptor system.

Elderly and sick people who normally had been able to make cannabinoids might need an external source once they are older or became more ill​.

Cannabinoids are found naturally in the breast milk of well nourished mothers and the phospholipids help the baby to have an urge to suckle and help promote healthy weight gain in infants. A lack of cannabinoids in breastmilk is associated with malnourishment during pregnancy and with poor appetite and failure to thrive in the infant receiving the milk.

Cannabinoids need to be legalized and declared an essential nutrient and be added to infant formula and meal replacement formulas for adult patients who have to be maintained on special formula diets over a long time period.

Write in votes are not allowed in all states.

Our current political system favors the two primary parties. Writing in a candidate may cause your entire ballot to be not counted in some areas, so it may be safer to leave a section blank rather than write in the name of an Independent candidate or some other name.

There are seven states that do not allow write in votes. If you are not sure if your write-in candidate has filed with your state then leaving that section of a ballot blank might be better than voting for a write-in name if you want to be sure that the rest of your votes on the ballot will be counted. It is important to vote for the congressional and local offices during Presidential elections and Midterm elections too, as it takes a team to pass legislation and create change.

There are 43 states that allow write in votes with a total of 494 Electoral Votes; which could be enough for a candidate to win the presidency. There are eight states that do not require the candidate to file for ballot access but the others require advance notice or write-in votes would not be counted. The seven states that don't allow write-in votes are "Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota," and the states that do allow write-in votes without requiring the candidate to file for ballot access are: " Vermont, Wyoming, Oregon, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Iowa, Delaware, and Alabama".   http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/7/21/1404380/-The-Write-In-Vote

Residents of Alabama, Delaware, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont and Wyoming are free to write in votes for me or other candidates. At this time I have not filed for ballot access in any of the other states that allow write-in votes. If you are a resident of one of the other 43 states that allow write-in votes if ballot access has been arranged and you would like to volunteer to be an electoral representative for my campaign then please contact me. If you have any suggestions for Vice President nominees or other potential cabinet members then please share them with me. See the Contact page for an email address or contact form. Thank you.

I am not an experienced politician but I do have experience working as an administrator in a government agency. I a'm a nutrition counselor willing to help individuals and businesses make changes that promote improved quality of health and improved profitability. Helping individuals improve their health and helping our communities, states and country to be a safer, better place to raise our children and grandchildren is a task that would help us all to have healthier and safer lives. Improved health and reduced stress from fewer medical bills and less lost job productivity could improve the mood and safety for the whole community. Improving a community's access to healthy foods and making changes at the federal level regarding safer food production methods and food additives are also crucial for improving health of individuals and communities.

We need our government and elected officials to work together towards providing more effective health care solutions and environmental protections that will help lead us all to a healthier and safer future. No one politician can bring about change single-handed, so political promises are only as good as the team that can work together after the election. 

If you share my desire for improved quality of life by making healthy diet and lifestyle choices a national priority, please vote for me and together we can help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference - for our families, our communities, and our country. 

Nutrients make everything else possible.

Depew For President  Jennifer Depew Rd independent Candidate 2016

- Jennifer Depew, R.D. 

Promoting safe planned pregnancies helps women grow healthy infants and may help prevent risk of autism. Equal access to safe family planning methods is a benefit to families and everyone benefits when families raise healthy, happy children. Children are our future workers and future caregivers.

Preventing unplanned pregnancies helps prevent the need for abortions. Women who can't afford to care for more children are the ones who are most likely to have an abortion. No one wants abortions, but no one deserves an unsafe abortion either. We are more likely to prevent abortions, premature births, and autism by helping women plan their pregnancies.