that U.S. presidential candidates were asked in 2016


Remaining at the forefront of innovation is traditional for American values and essential for meeting the challenges of our changing climate, growing population and limited natural resources.

     Working towards shifting fossil fuel subsidies to renewable energy would support innovative research while helping reduce our carbon footprint and protect the future’s climate.

     Reducing college loan interest rates would help more students afford a university education. Funding career guidance programs to help guide students towards careers with more need for employees could also help guide them into fields with rapid innovation.

     Modifying immigration rules for specialized VISA workers could help promote hiring more U.S. citizens for STEM jobs instead of favoring lower paid H-1B VISA workers. [1]
     Having more years of education and lower levels of poverty has been associated with more individuals working creatively in artistic endeavors. [2]


20 Science Questions

20 Science Questions for the 2016 Presidential Candidates  --by Shawn Otto for; See the questions here: #1