that U.S. presidential candidates were asked in 2016


End the War on Peace.

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My Presidential Platform is a plan to turn the "E," that the U.S. earned for the Health and Wellness category of the international Social Progress Index, from a failing grade "E," into an "E" for excellence. 

  • Social Progress Index, see:

Platform categories:

  1. Effective Health Care.
  2. Economy & more Green Jobs.
  3. Environment & more Green Jobs.
  4. End the War on Peace
  5. End Citizens United.
  6. Education.

Ending the War on Peace would require work on a number of fronts. The War on Terror is the obvious battleground but even that is diffuse with the increase in security measures in most public areas now, the battleground is all around in the sense of increased worry and watchfulness. In the literal sense half the GDP is being spent on military and much of it is going into drone bombs that are feasibly protecting us from a potential terrorist target but may in fact be killing random civilians who happened to be on the literal battleground instead of the potential terrorist.

     It would help the environment to not blow up as much stuff as well as the saving the money spent on the bombs themselves. The bombs produce volatile chemicals and release toxins but so does the destruction they cause. Burning modern buildings and other infrastructure tends to create volatile chemicals which can be bad for health. An international coalition, a large one, needs to send in ground forces with small teams to help reinforce local self-policing efforts to find and remove Daesh terrorists. With limited supplies and back up villagers may have rebels in their area that they are unable to deal with in fear of retaliation. I would hope that refugees would be able to return to their homelands at some point.
     On the homefront ending the war on peace would require treating all children equally in preschool and throughout their education. The ‘Preschool to Prison’ pipeline needs to end. Children of color may be treated to increased rates of suspension and visits from police officers as young as preschool for misbehavior that other children wouldn’t be punished for as harshly. This kind of early negative experience can leave children more at risk for behavior problems later in life. Treating all citizens equally and ending profiling and entrapment arrests could end up helping the economy by allowing more individuals to become tax paying workers instead of becoming prisoners, parolees or people with a prison record and a difficult time finding work.
     Effective health care could help promote peace by promoting increased mental health and improved stress coping skills throughout the lifespan.
     Ending the war on peace on the home front, and elsewhere, may also require an increased acceptance for each other’s differences and increased recognition and acceptance for our own natural tendencies to be more accepting of people who are similar to ourselves and to be less accepting of people who seem different.

     We are all different but we are also all human. By valuing our differences and supporting them we may achieve innovations that could help the economy, the environment and who knows what else? The sky isn’t even the limit when we work together, we’ve made it to the moon and past!
     That was a little perky but drone bombs aren’t. Optimism helps get things done because problems can be seen as solvable instead of impossible.

  • Hat tip to Leo Tolstoy author of the book “War and Peace.”
  • [The classic is available to read online, you can even skip ahead to the last page: War and Peace ]

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