Research & Development

20 Science Questions

that U.S. presidential candidates were asked in 2016

20 Science Questions for the 2016 Presidential Candidates  --by Shawn Otto for; See the questions here: #2

Research and the investment in long-term research projects is essential for driving innovation. The infrastructure of the future will be built in the next few decades.

     Developing energy efficient solutions for the needs of the future is a priority for funding in addition to renewable energy development.

     Research into more sustainable and potentially healthier farming techniques is a priority because it impacts the health of citizens and the environment.

     Funding research to assess hazards of chemicals suspected to be harming the environment or individual health is also a priority.

     It is easier to not add toxins to the environment then it is to remove them once they have contaminated an area.

     Funding research into better hazardous waste containment or processing methods is also a priority.

     To have a safe future we need to protect the present and start building a safer future now. Balancing spending for short-term versus long term benefits could be made of less importance by prioritizing projects that benefit both.

     Choosing projects that help protect the present while building for the future can also be cost effective by preventing problems. Choosing projects that benefit the present is likely to be placing the future generations in a position of debt and with fewer natural resources and more toxins in the environment. The future is what we build now.