that U.S. presidential candidates were asked in 2016

Space exploration and observation of the Earth from space is a priority for monitoring climate change measurements, such as the melting of the glaciers, and the healing of the hole in ozone caused by fluorocarbons.

     Space satellite information can also be helpful for monitoring other social changes and actions of groups of people. Estimates of poverty can be made based on the amount of light being produced by a community during night time hours. [1]

     Research and development of natural resources that might be able to be mined on the moon may become more of a priority as we move into a future with dwindling supplies of rare metals being available for mining on Earth.

     Building communities on the moon or another planet seems unrealistic at this stage of our technological capabilities.

  1. ​​Charlotta Mellander, et. al., Night-Time Light Data: A Good Proxy Measure for Economic Activity?, PLoS One. 2015; 10(10): e0139779.

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